At Uriel Kids we want to ensure all preschoolers get access to the world’s finest learning content and make learning an enjoyable journey. We want to ensure every parent is extensively supported to help their young children grow into a finest Global Citizen. 

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Uriel Kids is India’s First 24X7 Online Pre-School. We are passionate about educating young minds to help them explore the world of knowledge and curiosity. While experts have shared many advantages of early life Online learning education, the most significant feature we believe is it helps parents and school equally support the child to create an enriching and superior learning experience.

Uriel Kids has been established by a team of Educationists, Teachers, Mentors and Researchers with decades of global experience in the field of early education.

Uriel Kids is being led by a team of passionate educators and mentors having multiple decades of global experience . Uriel Kids has a best of breed for access into the finest learning content and usage of technology platforms to deliver seamless Live and Offline learning.

Sayali bhosale


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“Sayali is a dynamic leader, a visionary and a committed professional. She is an educationist and a mother; she understands the delicate balance between work and personal life. That is why she founded Angels Paradise Academy – to offer parents quality child care solutions.

Sayali has completed her Master’s in Education from the Pune University and today has accumulated over a decade of experience in the child care industry. Her expertise provides strategic direction and leadership for Angels Paradise Academy.

Sayali has had the experience of teaching in diverse international and multicultural environments at London-UK, Dubai-UAE and India. Having spent considerable time overseas, she got the opportunity to explore and experience multiple styles of teaching. She brings back this rich experience to Angels Paradise, where she is integrating the British and Indian methods of teaching that emphasize curiosity led learning and fun.

Sayali is clearly extending her family’s legacy of community-building and social-justice education.”


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Shreyas has over 2 decades of experience within the Technology Industry. He has worked with Blue Chip companies based out of Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific. A Bachelors in Computer Science from University of Pune and a MBA from Symbiosis University, Shreyas had the opportunity to work in multicultural environments across the globe. He was instrumental in expanding businesses for leading technology companies in Europe, Middle East and Africa markets.
Shreyas is passionate towards improving educational fabric for young children to get the best learning experience.

Shreyas bhosale


At Uriel Kids we are passionate to provide an integrated learning content for preschoolers which is led by curiosity, and fun. We want to provide the world’s best preschool experience from the comfort and safety of your homes leading to the overall holistic growth of a child.