Why Chess

Learn chess in a small, interactive group of kids. Course structures devised to impart maximum knowledge, offer flexibility in learning chess at a steady pace. Mentored by Atharva Godbole, FIDE (World Chess Federation) certified Chess coach.

Familiarize with chess board, Files and Ranks, pieces The King, Rook, Bishop, Queen, Knight and Pawn.

Their moves, constraints, capture and attack Generic attack and capture strategies
Concept of Check, Checkmate and the Stalemate, different ways to react Castling, Pawn promotions and En Passant.
Checkmate patterns using, Queen, two Rooks and other patterns

Scenario based puzzles with real-life gameplay situations Practice in our live online environment with the instructor.

Sessions – 24
Days – Tuesday and Thursday
Time – 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Batch Starting – 26th October 2021
Age Group –  4 to 12 years
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₹5549/-  ₹9999/-