Playgroup is the first learning environment a child will step into. In the online medium of instruction the child will be learning from the comfort of his/her home. At Uriel Kids the child will be having fun as well as learning in a structured manner. The programme will enable the child to learn at his/her pace as well as have the flexibility for both child and parents. Playgroup is the perfect time to introduce different characters in their ever growing mind.

Logical & Numeracy Skills
singing number songs and rhymes
playing counting games
Colours, Shape and Size
reading stories with numbers
Pre Math Concepts in physical world (Taller, Heavier etc.)

Unit 1

Literacy and Linguistic Skills
Early Vocabulary and Letters
Trace Alphabets by Fingers and basic Tools
Speech Development
Simple Phrases
Sound and Body Language

Unit 2

Social and Emotional Development Skills
Fine Motor Skills
Self Awareness
Emotional Expressions
Encourage Independent activity
Pretend Play

Unit 3


Choose Your Session.

NURSERY (2.5 - 3.5 YEARS )

Nursery serves as the foundation to academic pre-readiness. The child is ready to explore his surroundings and express his feelings. At Uriel Kids, there will be high engagement between the teacher and the child. The child will be introduced to different concepts, letters, numbers developing fine motor skills, gross motor skills. The programme will encourage child’s creativity and imagination which will foster wholesome growth. A strong foundation for the child’s academic skills will be laid which will make his learning journey exciting.

Logical & Numeracy Skills
Identify and Match Numerals
Simple and Complex Sorting of colours, shapes
and patterns
Prompts and decision making
Cardinality and Stable order of numbers
Spatial Relationships of 3D Objects

Unit 1

Literacy and Linguistic Skills
Build additional vocabulary of 30-40 new words
per month
Enhanced visual motor skills
Painting Tools for improved grip
Trace letters and associate phonic sound
Construct Simple Sentences and Answer Simple Queries

Unit 2

Social and Emotional Development Skills
Complete Tasks independently
Express Feelings and Needs
Empathy and Social Connect
Cooperative play
Able to objectively communicate , ask questions and answer

Unit 3


JUNIOR KG/ PREP 1 (3.5 - 4.5 Years)

In Prep I/ Junior Kg it is time to build on the foundation laid in the nursery class by focussing on the next level of academic skills combined with logical reasoning and cater to the ever inquisitive minds.
At Uriel Kids, we believe this would be the right time to introduce the child to more age appropriate advanced tasks like learning place values, vowels, blending and so much more. The programme will enable the child to become self-confident, assertive and have a well-rounded development.


Thematic Learning :Myself, senses, Gender, Family, Growth phases, My Body, cleanliness, good touch , bad touch, Farm and good manners
Introduction to Letters, Phonic Sounds,
Introduction to Numbers- 1 to 30, Forward/Backward Counting
Introduction of Standing/Sleeping line/Forward slant line/Backward slant
Introduction to writing letters

Unit 1

Junior KG/ Prep 1
Explore New Topics such as Seasons, Clothes, Water cycle, states of matter, Living and Non Living Things Community Helpers
Explore New Letters
Fruits, Flowers, vegetables and food pyramid
Introduction to numbers 30 to 50
Introduction to Colours, Shapes and Time

Unit 2

Junior KG/ Prep 1
Explore New Topics such as Space, Continents and oceans, Transport and Communication,
Explore New Letters
CVC Words – Learn to identify , read and write
Recap of number concepts from 1 to 50
Counting, adding, subtracting using money

Unit 3

Junior KG/ Prep 1
Recapitulation of all general awareness concepts learnt earlier.

Unit 4

Junior KG/ Prep 1


In Prep II/Senior Kg it is time to encourage and challenge our curious learners who have better attention span to build on all the learning they have acquired. At Uriel kids, children at this age will be prepared for their primary schooling. The focus would be on advanced academic requirements. It will be a combination of learning and fun which will instil the mind set of being lifelong learner.

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