• Shlokas and Mantras hold a cultural importance and are used to spread educative and cultural knowledge among people since ancient times.
  • Studies have shown that chanting shlokas helps to improve concentration and memory power in children.
  • The positive waves created by chanting a shloka has seen to lower blood pressure and improve memory and other brain activities including speech in children.

Course Content

(3 months – 24 sessions) 

(Batch starting – 14th June 2021)

Age group 5 – 8 years

Monday and Thursday (6 to 6:45 pm)

Why learn Shlokas?

  • Shloka will definitely improve their pronunciation in linguistic quotient. 
  • Children will be enlightened with the Ancient Indian literature . 
  • They will be enlightened with the moral values which need to be inculcated at this early age. 
  • Recitation of Shloka will help them for memorization. 
  • It will help them to improve critical and logical thinking. 
  • Active participation will result in positive character building.
What kids will learn ?  
(approx 15+ Shlokas and Moral stories)
  • Vakratunda Shloka
  • Aadau Ram Shloka
  • Saraswati Shloka
  • Manojavam Shloka
  • Achutam Keshavam Shloka
  • Tailadra Shloka
  • Aadau Ram Aadau Devi Shloka
  • Vidyanam Shloka
  • Apoorvaha Kopi Shloka 
  •  and many more.
₹2950/-  ₹7500/-