"Uriel Live is an exclusive platform for young children and parents to embrace the joys of Limitless Learning from Home. The platform provides access to daily Live Classes along with world class content built by an experienced team of educators and mentors. At Uriel Live our teachers are passionate to make the learning journey enriching and enjoyable "
core features
joys of Limitless Learning from Home


“Live and Interactive Classes with focus on personalized attention to every student.”

Innovative Teaching Methods

“An experienced team of teachers who engage students with different kinds of stimuli to creates an environment of activity-based learning.”

Uriel Online Studio

“Unlimited access to Uriel Online Studio, a world class learning repository. Helping parents to create the finest environment of learning anytime, anywhere.”


“On demand access to world’s finest Parenting webinars, blogs, nutrition tips by Global experts on holistic child development.”


“Priority Access to leading Schools in India for Grade 1 with a favorable fee structure.”

Customized Milestone

“Individual Milestone based learning and feedback report for every student
to help the child continuously progress”

Engage Meet

“A focused parent teacher engage meet leading to an
effective communication plan for the Childs overall progress.”

Next Generation Skills

“Helping the child to develop important Next generation skills
like story telling, emotional intelligence and creative
problem solving.”